Kamis, 31 Desember 2020

Download EncryptDecrypt File Utility Free for Windows

Download EncryptDecrypt File Utility Free for Windows

Encrypting a file doesn't get any simpler than with this utility, and that's also the problem.

Encrypt/Decrypt File's dialog box-sized interface is painfully plain. The Encrypt tab's dual file name and destination lines are simple affairs; enter the file path or browse through the Windows dialog box. Type in your password and press Encrypt for quick processing of your file. The program encrypts any size and type file, but we couldn't find any mention of the algorithm used. Decryption is merely the same process on a separate tab.

It would have been convenient if you could double-click an encrypted file to open this utility, but such is not the case. You also must have the utility to decrypt files, which keeps you from e-mailing encrypted files to others.

While simplicity is useful to advanced users, we would have liked to see a help file or at least an FAQ to answer novice users' questions. However, anyone needing simple encryption will find a use for this freeware.

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