Jumat, 01 Januari 2021

Download Anti Tracks Free Edition Free for Windows

Download Anti Tracks Free Edition Free for Windows

Do you care who sees what Web sites you visit, what software you own, and other personal facts that intruders can extract from your PC? Did you know such information includes not only browser tracks but also the updates, queries, and information-sharing activities of every piece of software that contacts the Internet, with or without your permission? And did you know that many so-called system cleaners don't clean all that data? They leave behind traces that, over time, can even accumulate into system-slowing clogs. Anti Tracks Free Edition from Giant Matrix not only erases browser and Windows tracks but also personal data from more than 140 different applications. It offers secure erasing technologies, an empty folder and file scanner, a duplicate file cleaner, a Passwords Wallet, a Panic Key, a Spam Eliminator, and much more.

An installation wizard walked us through the six steps of setting up Anti Tracks, including browser- and app-cleaning settings. We recommend rebooting before you run Anti Tracks (you'll need to reboot afterward as well), and also running the program as an Administrator. When initiated, Anti Tracks displays an estimate of the free space cleaning would reclaim. All you need to do is press Erase to initiate the cleaning. We also tried the bevy of options under Tools, including the File Shredder, Disk Cleaner, and Spam Eliminator, as well as the Uninstaller, Space Analyzer, Startup Manager, and more. Each tool worked as promised, but it was the Data Concealing tools we really wanted to try, especially the Hide Files & Folders tool. We were duly impressed by the latter, which uses steganography to hide data within data.

Preventing attacks may be job one, but keeping your PC clean is also critical to security. Anti Tracks Free Edition packs all the tools and extras we expect from a capable system cleaning bundle, and then some.

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