Jumat, 01 Januari 2021

Download Changes Meter Free for Mac

Download Changes Meter Free for Mac

RSS feeds offered on Web sites usually don't provide enough information regarding the changes that may have occurred. Changes Meter for Mac provides an additional and more enhanced monitoring option of selected Web sites.

Available as freeware, Changes Meter for Mac installs easily and takes up little hard-drive space. Instructions would have been useful, although the program targets more advanced users with specialized needs who can probably figure it out on their own. In terms of interface, there is little to the program except for a small button that appears next to the wireless indicator on the Mac top menu bar. Clicking this engages a drop-down menu where the URLs the user wants to monitor may be entered. This was easy to navigate through and use. You can add as many Web sites as you wish and can also determine how frequently each Web site should be checked for changes; for example, you can have it check one Web site every 10 minutes and the other Web site every 24 hours. The program also indicates whether there have been minor or larger changes on the Web site, and you can also see when the Web site was last checked and when the next check will be.

Changes Meter for Mac is easy to install and has a minimal interface. It does what it is supposed to effectively, and it can help everybody who could use a quick overview of changes made on specific Web sites, such as Web developers or Web site owners.

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