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Download RC Mini Racers Free for Mac

Download RC Mini Racers Free for Mac

RC Mini Racers is a Micro Machines-style racing game available for free. This game features 20 mini cars controlled remotely, lots of missiles, mines, turbo boost and much more, packed into an intuitive and positively uncluttered user interface.

The game ships with hard rock music to invite you into the race of the mini cars. At first, users can choose from three free cars from the 22 available, and then unlock others as they win races and gain some in-app cash. We liked the racing experience provided with the app, and the variety of racing modes. While at first users will be tempted to just race against the others, the incentive to win the game is high, as they can improve their cars by visiting the store and using the in-game cash they earn for each crushed car or explosion caused by missiles, which enrich the overall racing experience. Players won't be stuck to the speed and turn controls, but will be forced to use their weapons in order to eliminate the competitors. In addition to the 24 tracks separated into different circuit races, the game can be set up in four difficulty levels, enhancing the experience as you get used to the interface and the tracks.

Overall, RC Mini Racers is a fun app to play and does not require any special advanced-level knowledge of racing games. The game is stable and the graphics are good, though not spectacular, and we liked how quickly we were able to learn how to control the mini car, which is aimed at reaching first place. Since the game is free, intuitive and easy to use, the learning curve is easy enough to enable you enough to quickly adjust the difficulty level after a couple races.

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